All massages begin with a brief pre-massage consultation in which you and your experienced therapist will tailor your massage to fit your specific needs.

All massages include complementary steam towels and aromatherapy

Custom Massage (available with all therapists)

Our signature custom massage can draw from a variety of techniques based on your needs, including: Swedish relaxation, Deep Tissue therapy, neuromuscular therapy, trigger point release, Cranial Sacral Massage and more. 

  • 30 minutes: $45
  • 60 minutes: $85
  • 90 minutes: $125

Prenatal Massage (available with Chelsea & Pennie)

Prenatal massage is a wonderful and well-deserved treat for the expecting mother, performed in a sideline position and propped with pillows and bolsters to her comfort. 

  • 60 minutes: $85

Hot Stones Massage (available with Chelsea & Pennie)

The soothing, warm river stones channel heat deep into sore muscles, providing greater circulation and comforting warmth. A decadent treat! This service isn't available during the summer swelter, but returns every fall. 

  • 90 minutes: $135

Ashiatsu Barefoot Bar Therapy (available with Chelsea)

Parallel bars suspended above the table allow the therapist to safely support herself while using sanitary, soft feet to apply medium to very deep broad, powerful pressure to the back, hips, and legs. 

This combination of gravitational force and compression helps to relieve muscle pain, elongate the spine, increase circulation, increase lymphatic drainage, increase mobility, and release the stubborn, tight muscles in the upper shoulders, hips, glutes, hamstrings, and more!

Each Ashiatsu massage will also include a combination of other massage modalities to ensure your issues are addressed that day, including heat therapy, traditional Swedish, stretching, and neuromuscular techniques. Chelsea's  signature neck and scalp work that many of you love will still be included! 

  • 90 minutes: $125

Silicone Cupping Massage (available with Bryanne)

This light-to-medium pressure massage incorporates the application of silicone cups to a client's back, creating a suction against the skin to break up scar tissue and relax tender muscles and connective tissue.  Cupping can be an effective technique for alleviating chronic low back pain, releasing knotted muscles, and easing anxiety.

Silicone cupping is not painful. It is common to experience sensations of heat and pressure, but many people enjoy this to aspect of the service!

  • 60 minutes: $85
  • 90 minutes $125